Techno Synesthesia Turns Visual Data into Music

Kenji Kojima, New York/USA — Okt 12, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Techno Synesthesia Turns Visual Data into Music

The website “Techno Synesthesia (” is experimenting with the relationship between sound and visual by computer technology using algorithmic composition of the artist Kenji Kojima’s programming. “Synesthesia” is the perception phenomenon that can feel a certain sense of other senses. Ordinary people like me cannot see sounds. We can only see a sight and can listen a sound from our surroundings. I am thinking audio and visual are no boundaries between them. But our sensory organs catch them separately. The created music of the video is not a composer’s impression. The music is composed of certain visual data by the computer algorithm. This is the modest art trial of our tedious life. The latest project “The Sound of Archway (2016)” was shot in the Central Park, New York City. There are many archways in the Park. The programming might capture sprites of music which dwelled under the arch. The video music is played with the surrounding environmental sounds. “The Sound of Fountain (2015)” was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”. There are some other Techno Synesthesia projects on the site.

I have been experimenting with the relationships between perception and cognition, technology, music and visual. Born in Japan, moved to New York in 1980. I painted egg tempera paintings. A personal computer was improved rapidly during the 80’s. I switched to digital art. My digital works were archived in the New Museum, NY. Project “Techno Synesthesia” has exhibited in New York and media art festivals worldwide.

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