‚The Binary World of ‚Male‘ and ‚Other Than Male“

Pea Doherty / Vienna, Austria — Okt 24, 2016

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There is a world. Within it there are only 2 options. ‘Male’. ‘Other Than Male’. Upon birth, one of these categories is selected for you and you are branded with it forever.
Categorising oneself within a binary system (male/female) is so commonly the most recognised form of gender identification. The issues created by this are continually being generated, just as there is no end to the activism against it either.
Where equality between genders is fought for, inequalities amongst the fighters come to light, inducing a continuous cycle of these inequalities which becomes increasingly difficult to escape. Where there is desire for equality, there will always be attention drawn to the injustices and privileges held amongst us. No one is equal in their endeavours. No one has had the same experiences.
I want to create a world where those of privilege can step outside it for a time and re-realise the issues for which they are fighting.
If our differences were marked out before we could define them, would we be able to overcome the systems more easily?
If the inequalities we face were written as rules and not just invisible expectations, would this change the ways in which we were able to speak out against them?
There is no handbook for life which explains what is right or wrong for each gender; yet culture still defines our actions. Similarly, there is no law which states the necessity for the inequalities experienced between genders; yet it is commonplace within the world we inhabit.
Within the SUPERINFINIT world I envision, this is turned on its head. All inequalities are strictly defined and set out in a system. One must follow the written rules of injustice, and accept the privileges given to others. There is no room for negotiation. Everything is legitimate and orderly.
When something is understood in the same why by everyone, I want to know how this can change the way in which we resist. If the world is defined in such a way that everyone’s place and role is set in stone instead of being guided by invisible societal expectations, surely it is then easier to fight for equality. To contradict something, there must be something physical available to be contradicted.
In the world I am developing, I want to define all aspects of life, from how one must act to the objects one is given to use and own. I want to create a reality where nothing occurs by personal decision – everything is pre-planned and pre-determined according to your ‚Male‘ or ‚Other Than Male‘ categorisation. I want to develop it in physical and virtual space in order to fully realise and share the concept of conforming to a defined and limited way of life, and how this could be advantageous for the possibility of over-throwing this unequal system.

I am an art student attempting to realise myself and my work in the confusions of the world.
I study Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art where my work tends to be performative and collaborative/participatory. Just now I am on a 5 month exchange to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where I am studying Conceptual Art.
I am all about communication and getting people involved in things, be that artistically or otherwise. My free time is filled with community beekeeping, organising sports at uni, and creating communities through cooking.

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