The Magnetism of the Images

Martin Volman / Buenos Aires, Argentina — Mai 27, 2016

During the residency, I would like to work on a project I have already started: based on taking pictures with one of the first (popular) digital cameras called MAVICA (MAgnetic VIdeo CAmera). The pictures are stored in a floppy disk, in which can be saved between 30 and 40 images within a resolution 640 x 480 pixels.

The magnetism is not just in the name of the camera, but in the images. They attract themselves, they repel and then they attract again. Because of this tension I have created my personal heterogeneous and aleatory archive that becomes the layout of the (also obsolete) stock photo book, which with the come up of the Internet also disappeared. the images.
During the residency i will work on the second phase of the work: to create an online archive with these images.
When one think on the visual texture of these pictures, they look old.The 0.03 MP resolution determines what and how we see. But, what (and how) is to work in 2016 with a camera of 1998? The relationship between the medium – photography- and the technological development has played since the beginning of the history a prominent role, but beyond all ¿disadvantages? the photos become once again a strange and unexpected beauty.

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