Private: The Parallel Self and the ‘iOS’

Berglind Thrastardottir / Berlin, Germany — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: portfolio_thrastardottir

If only I could save versions of myself, backing myself up on an external hard drive to revisit and see the progress and digressions. If I could archive the ‘iOS’ before it updated automatically with new experience, knowledge. New versions are not purely improvements upon older ones, these can hold secrets that have short-circuited since. Ideologies subsequently wiped out and replaced with better, more adaptive cultural conditioning. The current system software exists as individuality and cultural by-product (‘iOS’) fusion: intertwined and inseparable.

Extracting this current cultural conditioning in the SUPRAINFINIT, I place the self in a metaphorically future context in the era after-‘iOS’.

What it means to successfully live when acceptability is no longer spoon fed by linear trajectories but eradicated, to be normal when the idea of ab(normal) is extinguished. To have an existential crisis when capitalism doesn’t threaten hope by tying it to financial worth.

Identity as it exists in the reimagined cultural conditioning of this future context, told through the subjective, as truth can only come from the personal. The specialized is universal.

I must reach her through following the neuronal pathway of abstract thought to end of the farthest branch, and then by building a bridge to ideology without our present cultural reason. I find her on a video wavelength, free association, narrated, recorded and archived. In an unwritten script, delivered through not by, involuntarily washing over into the present.

Trained as a Psychologist, Berglind abruptly left her studies and decided to apply her knowledge in creative pursuits. Her work provides a space to examine, dissect, and comment on (without judgment) the collective cultural identities we are subconsciously conditioned with. She works through her experiences, personal and academic, to step back and bring people together in an introspective examination of how deep cultural influences plant themselves in us and initiate collective introspection.

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