Tracing Digital Territory (Platforms as Affective Architectural Spaces)

This is the title of a research project which I hope to turn into a PhD proposal; the web residency would allow me to further explore the intersection of filmmaking and theoretic research within the field of network culture.


Astrit Feringa / Arnhem, The Netherlands — Jun 16, 2021

Astrid Feringa - Tracing Digital Territory (Platforms as Affective Architectural Spaces)

Since there has been a digitally networked world, cyberspace, much like the terrestrial world, has been described by means of territory. Arguably, the specific rhetoric of this analogy has been mirroring the timely notions of physical territory in terms of governments, nation-states and geopolitics. By viewing the digital as an extension of the terrestrial world, where architecture can be understood as a mechanism to enforce power structures, Tracing Digital Territory poses the digital platform as the architecture of cyberspace: a new landscape of power that too is inherently based on and subject to hierarchies; as yet another realm for capitalist strategies of expansion. Through film and by drawing from post-structuralist feminist film theory, this project aims to explore the ways in which digital space as architectural space, affects our bodies and through that, informs and modulates our embodied experience of the world.

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