Transitional Identity

The political narrative of my work pushes the limits of the human form to its most vulnerable essence, challenging what is \“natural\“. I\’ve had several cosmetic surgeries performed on my body, constructing my identity on my own terms. Since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve been working with forms of ephemeral identity. I began working on a male variant of myself, Nacho, who managed to take form as a coexisting identity, putting theories on performativity of genre into action. In the context of a pandemic, making surgical changes on my body would put my health at risk, so I shifted from a permanent creation to an ephemeral one. Using this new variant of myself, I did my first live streaming performances. During my residency, I\’d like to continue working on Nacho’s identity and keep reflecting on body performativity in lockdown.

With this project and specifically during this time, I want to point out that a person’s identity doesn’t have to be the same in a real environment as it is in a virtual one. Virtuality allows us to build a new type of identity that experiments with issues that can’t be experimented in public space, and provides the freedom to express ourselves and just be.

Natacha Voliakovsky / Buenos Aires, Argentina — Jun 16, 2021

Natacha Voliakovsky - Transitional Identity

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