Max Pilger, Hamburg/Germany — Okt 20, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Untitled

Portfolio: pilger-max_portfolio

I’m planing a video work on a person walking the not yet finished train tracks of the new main rail–highway called VDE8 from Munich to Berlin. First considerations about this railway were already made in 1833. After the cold war the constructions started in 1992. In 2017/18 the official opening will take place. The connection from Munich to Berlin will take under 4 hours from city center to city center, which is faster than taking a plane.
In the video you will have a lonely protagonist walking the tracks like on a pilgrimage, surrounded by empty fields and brutalistic concrete inside dark tunnels, technical train line objects and construction sites on her/his struggling walk between coming further and walking calm.
Comparing and additional to this part there also will be scenes filmed from a ego pPOV inside a train.
I’m focused onto the tragical awareness that a future being created and waited for is becoming obsolete the closer we get to it. It ‘s also my target to exemplify social normatives by combining a self-discovery related trip on a route which will be a highly frequented and influential route for future’s business. I want to play with comfort zones and breakdown fears in acceleration, uncertainty and absurdity about spirituality in a post-ironic maybe post-critic progress, perceptions of physicality and building connections between those fields referring on old discourses about “first” and “second” nature by Georg Lukács.
I want the video to be aesthetically state of the art which will claim a populistic and unpleasant affirmation. The same effect like the distaste you feel afterwards if you get emotionally caught by an advertisement. Cold clear shots shifting with warm blurry shots, silent and stressful, changing technical and natural surroundings also in audio.

2016–18 Master of Fine Arts at HFBK Hamburg
Jul 2016 Grad. BFA
2014 Erasmus Bealas Artes Lisboa, Class João Onofre
2013 Freie Klasse UdK Berlin
Since 2012 HFBK Hamburg, Class Anselm Reyle and Matt Mullican
Sep 2016 Anfangen Pt.II, Group show, Elektrohaus Hamburg
Aug 2016 Curated By Weekly, Solo show, curatedbyweekly.com
Jun 2016 Lösch Das, Group show, Hamburg
Feb 2016 Folgendes annual show, Solo show, HFBK Hamburg
Mar 2015 Temporary off-space Fuggerstraße, Group show, Berlin
Jun 2014 „Parmigiano 3D“, Group show, Munich

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