Private: Wake Me Up Before You Indiegogo

Ana Labudović / Zagreb, Croatia — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: portfolio_analabudovic

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that allows anybody to raise money for almost any idea. Intrigued by the quantity of unusual patents funded through it I started looking into the tech niche. An app-regulated thermos bottle, an inflatable cushion for sleeping on the airplane tray, a smart umbrella – these are just some of the products whose future depends on Indiegogo users.

I found the way these objects are presented quite fascinating so I started accumulating ( some of the most interesting and/or bizzare photos and GIFs I found. The looping animations are packed with compressed information, optimized for our attention span. Taken out of context these objects are unclassifiable and don’t reveal their function at first glance. Formed together in a sequence they give the impression of a TV-sales channel from the future that finally arrived and seems familiar, but eventually is unrecognizable.

Apart from expanding this collection I would like to tell a story of today’s needs and/or desires by reflecting the confusion or curiosity these objects might bring.

Note: The online optimizaton tool (EZGIF) used for downsizing GIFs sometimes produced glitched results, which I found to be an appropriate detail in exhibiting the visuals.

Born in 1983 in Zagreb (Croatia), currently residing online.
Graduated Hyper Island School of New Media (Sweden), freelanced (in Spain and Croatia) as a designer and book editor. Runs a small design studio focusing mostly on web production, but also research and publishing. Exhibited both design and interaction pieces in various group exhibitions.
Fascinated by (the relationship with) technology, internet, privacy, social(ism), art, walking.

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