Private: WOLPERtinder

Thomas Georg Georg Blank / Mexico-City — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Private: WOLPERtinder

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The internet has shown it in many different ways: people love animals. Why should we stop this natural feelings of love at screens surface? Thinking about oneself beyond categories like human, cat, duck or goat is essential for the future idea of identity and evolution. In 2011 Kermit the Frog was lobbying for inter-species dating in a short interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Eversince, there has been no progress in the discussion of future lovemaking beyond species borders. Weeks ago scientists translated a discussion between dolphins for the first time. The future of inter-species love seems promising. I dream of a online-dating platform for everything and everyone, a place for love and genitals, the ultimate remixing project, DNA without borders.
I would like to use the web residency to generate the inter-species datingplatform WOLPERtinder. Close to the old bavarian word »Wolpertinger« for mixed creatures from the 19th century, WOLPERtinder will be the future of love. It could be SUPRAINFINITS furry love-dimension.

Thomas Georg Blank, born 1990 in Germany, media educator (BA), now studying fine arts in Karlsruhe, Germany, currently living in Mexico-City. Founder of Institut Avaroid, owner of badischOil, excellent liar and cook.

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