Adam Štěch

City, Country:

Prag, Tschechien

Adam Štěch (born in 1986 in Děčín) has long been engaged in design, architecture, fashion as an art theoretician, writer and curator. He graduated from the master’s degree of art history at Charles University in Prague and since 2009 works as an editor of the Prague-based magazine Dolce Vita. He co-founded the creative collective OKOLO, with which has prepared dozens of publication and exhibition projects in the Czech Republic and abroad since 2009. He is also the author of numerous texts on design and architecture for local and international press. His articles were published in international magazines such as Wallpaper, Modernism, Damn, Cool Hunting, Domus, Architonic, Mark, Frame, Form, A10 or SightUnseen.

Projects & publications