art, science & business

With a focus on art, science & business, Akademie Schloss Solitude promotes the transdisciplinary dialogue between these fields in a unique way. Since 2002, the program has offered a space for encounters between people from a wide variety of backgrounds and enables critical reflection. Behind art, science & business is the conviction that these practical areas, despite their differences, should be understood as complementary fields of knowledge, which together form the basis for new thinking and action. With this focus, the Akademie is committed to opposing the institutional limitations of scientific and artistic work and to an open exchange of knowledge.

Fellowship SCIENTIFIC field of practice 

In order to promote this dialog, young scholars have the opportunity to spend three to twelve months at Akademie Schloss Solitude. Within the framework of the call for applications (issued every other year) and in addition to fellowships designed specifically for the artistic and digital fields of practice, residential fellowships will be awarded in the SCIENTIFIC field, which includes the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and economics. Young scientists and managers with their own work projects can apply for a scholarship in this field of practice. Project proposals may address any topic

Akademie Schloss Solitude - art, science & business

Akademie Schloss Solitude - art, science & business


In order to promote local and international networking, Akademie Schloss Solitude has established numerous collaborations with universities and research institutions with a focus on art, science & business. Within this context, joint work residencies are awarded and collaborative projects developed and implemented. 


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Activities and events

Together with its fellowship holders, the Akademie develops experimental event formats in which it presents its transdisciplinary work to a diverse public and allows it to participate in an exchange transcending disciplinary boundaries. Through the context of art, which, as a seismograph, detects and critically accompanies social and technological developments at an early stage, the formats support future-oriented thinking in every form. This leads to enrichment through new individual and collective ways of working.

Online archive

Since 2002, symposia, lecture series and workshops on various topics have been developed within the framework of the focal area of art, science & business, often in collaboration with other institutions, which serve as a platform for discursive encounters. Previous thematic focuses include: »Erinnern und Vergessen« (»Remembering and Forgetting«) and »Bild und Visualisierung« (»Image and Visualization«) (both 2004–2006), »Handeln mit der Angst« (»Dealing with Fear«) (2007–2009), »Design of the (In-)Human« (2009–2011), »Chronicles of Work« (2011–2014), »Biografien & die Produktion von Raum« (»Biographies & the Production of Space«) (2014–2016) and »Umgang mit Geschichte als Alltagspraxis« (»Dealing with History as Everyday Practice«) (2017–2019). All contributions by fellowship holders and guests on these topics are publicly accessible via the online archive