Ecosystems of Knowledge

With the new format entitled »Ecosystems of Knowledge« Akademie Schloss Solitude is initiating a platform for collective work that is developed by groups of fellows around a self-determined topic. In the framework of continuous working sessions, methods of artistic and scientific practices are shared to establish a new understanding of the subject that is being explored. The aim of the format is to develop a variety of transdisciplinary approaches and to learn from each other as a group.

Ecosystems describe a dynamic community of different individuals that are closely linked, but are permeable to outside influences. The essential foundation of the new platform will be its diversity and free exchange of expertise. This dialogue can both take the form of critical reflection as well as the developement of novel productions across discplines. As open entities, external inputs are also invited to add the the group’s heterogeneity. Out of these exchanges multiple outputs can grow that could crystallize and put a form to what has been experienced and has evolved out of this dialogue.