CORPOREALITY (of corporate reality)

CORPOREALITY (of corporate reality) by Martyna Marciniak and Nataša Vukajlović incorporates a visual essay and research summarized in a poem. Big statements about the future of automation and headlines such as »Data is the New Oil,« »AI is the Future of Work,« or »Welcome to the Age of AI Super Assistants« are thrown at us every day. While such statements convey the illusion of a more efficient, optimized and AI-regulated world, they abstract the factors underlying automation, including the material and physical dimensions. Using selected case studies, the »research poem« provides creative and provocative responses to this problem, methodically dissecting selected headlines to rethink AI in relation to the value of human labor, material resources, exploitation, and exhaustion. View the research poem below or download it in high resolution.

Visual essay and research poem by Martyna Marciniak and Nataša Vukajlović — Mai 21, 2024

Akademie Schloss Solitude - CORPOREALITY (of corporate reality)

Martyna Marciniak is a Poland-born, Berlin-based artist and researcher. Her work uses spatial storytelling, speculative fictions and 3D reconstruction to question how design and technology reflect and influence ideologies and social biases.

Nataša Vukajlović’s interdisciplinary background is shaped by her work intersecting production, curation, and communication of artistic and scientific projects. She is passionate about exploring how technology shapes our contemporary society.