Lauren McCarthy / Los Angeles, USA — Okt 20, 2017

Lauren McCarthy, 24Hour Host, »An AI Summer«, 2017

What will be the role of humans in a future AI driven world? As algorithms begin to optimize nearly every interaction and aspect of our lives, the last remaining role for people may be performing the emotional labor to act as human interface to AI systems.

The 24H HOST performance is a small party that lasts for 24 hours, driven by software that automates the event, embodied in a human HOST. Every 5 mins, a new guest arrives and  another one leaves. Each guest is analyzed and led by the HOST through a series of customized interactions throughout the duration of the party. Over the course of 24 hours, the HOST becomes increasingly depleted, but the software system drives her to continue, as the guests endlessly cycle through…

The outcome of this work, in addition to the performance itself, will be an open source version of the software system developed for the HOST. With this software publicly available, viewers must ask themselves whether they will choose to download and use it for the hosting of their own parties. Haven’t we all wished to be the flawless host at one point or another?

24H HOST is a collaboration with Casper Schipper.

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