..oOo.. »🤩🌗🌚🌓🤩 Virtual Moon Reverence«

..oOo.. is an online moon altar to unite people in a worldwide observance of the lunar cycle. The website will not contain any text – and will thus be accessible to speakers of all languages – and instead will use sound and symbol to denote the changing phases of the moon. As a result of different time zones marked by the rising and setting sun, people have the perception that we exist in different (and often oppositional) relationships to time across the globe. However, the moon is in the same phase for all of Earth at any given moment: a harmonious cycle that ebbs and flows across all continents.

Lark Alder / California, USA — Nov 16, 2020

Lark Alder
»..oOo.. ›Virtual Moon Reverence‹«
Lark Alder »..oOo.. ›Virtual Moon Reverence‹«

Cultures and spiritualities across the world are rich in histories of lunar observance and mysticism. New and full moon rituals foreground the feminine and cycles of travel and rest, celebration and solitude, death and rejuvenation – letting go of the last cycle and setting an intention for the next.

..oOo.. honors these traditions and tracks the moon cycle via sound and visual metaphor. Image and audio shift with the phases of the moon, pointing to the many ways it affects animals, plants, tides, and human activity. Symbols evoke ritual practice and sacred geometries of the Earth and Moon.

The ..oOo.. website will be accompanied by email and social media posts announcing new and full moons. Again without text, the posts will use gestures and symbols to invite people to participate in new and full moon ceremonies inspired by traditions of moon reverence and its profound impact on the natural world.

Through the Akademie’s networks and support, ..oOo.. will reach people across the globe, connecting them via a ritual experience that is both personal and universal.

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