Between Dying and Death Is a Hum

The word »doom« is rooted in condemnation. Condemnation is the severance of relations; a suspension between dying and death. The ordering of the body as distinct from the earth untethers us from ourselves, each other, and the environments that hold us. Disability and chronic pain heighten this alienation. But between dying and death is not nothing, there is vibration itself.

AM Kanngieser / Melbourne, Australia — Dez 15, 2020



This work documents the hum that is registered through attention to coexistence between a body and landscape condemned. Over four weeks I will undertake eight hours of coastal deep listening practices in which I audio narrate the minute ways in which my disabled body and this fraught environment move in mutual disregard. Tied to climatic crisis and colonial invasion, the ocean where this work takes place is doubly haunted by personal trauma and grief. Over the residency I attune myself to the expansiveness of relations that doom submerges, to find where intersections of life might be tended. As a person with auditory processing disorder, it is vital to me that this work is accessible. The piece is designed in line with WCAG 2.1 success criterion (1.2.1/1.2.3) for audio description: the narrative in the work functions as a description of the sounds from field recordings and the musical score; I also work with low frequencies to make the listening more tactile. A written transcript of the audio is provided next to the audio player and will be open captioned. If budget permits, I will provide ASL interpretation.


AM Kanngieser is a geographer and sound artist. They are the author of Experimental Politics and the Making of Worlds (2013) and Between Sound and Silence: Listening towards Environmental Justice (forthcoming). Their audio work has been featured on Documenta 14 Radio, BBC 3, ABC Radio National, The Natural History Museum London, Arts Centre Melbourne, Radio del Museo Reina Sofía, Deutschland Radio, and QAGOMA.

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