Hunger, Inc.: Solidarity Through Meals

The project Hunger, Inc.: Solidarity Through Meals for the Web Residency »Solidarity is a verb« by Elia Nurvista will focuse on reflection, discussion, building discursive strategy, and strengthening the solidarity among people who live in precarious conditions. 

Elia Nurvista / Yogyakarta, Indonesia — Aug 30, 2021

Elia Nurvista, Hunger, Inc.: Solidarity Through Meals, 2021. Courtesy the artist.

Elia Nurvista will create a »solidarity kit« that can consist of recipes (recipes that can be creative with access, budget, and income in the household, for example), a directory of easily-found edible plants in Yogyakarta, a lexicon, and stories that relate to the strategy of living in limited conditions.  The content of the »solidarity kit« should be circulated and archived on the website. By sharing this knowledge, there will be a spark to the broader community around the globe to archiving their strategy and methods that can be learned from each other. »I believe that in many parts of the world which have become more capitalist, there are struggling communities that survive with knowledge, strategies, and contexts that are worthy of sharing. It will be more meaningful if the communities can provide mutual support to each other. This can be an open, sharing platform that anyone can take part in.«


Elia Nurvista is working both individually and collectively, with her focus being food. She is interested in examining the social implications of food production and to critically address wider socio-political issues. Within the Web Residency »Solidarity is a verb,« and also in the midst of a pandemic that hits the most vulnerable and precarious group in society, Elia wants to work about the strategy of food and solidarity which she built before with the underprivileged community and circulate it through a website.

The Web Residency projects from the call »Solidarity is a verb« will be launched end of October 2021.

Elia Nurvista

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