Digital Solidarity Platform for the Global South

More of Us is a team located across the globe, each of us juggling a myriad of responsibilities while trying to birth a new platform. 

More of Us
Syafiatudina / Yogyakarta, Indonesia | Carolina Campuzano / Medellín, Colombia | Lauren von Gogh / Johannesburg, South Africa | Erik Tlaseca / Mexico City, Mexico | Veronique Poverello / Lumbumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo | Rogelio Vazquez, Mexico City, Mexico | Teesa Bahana / Kampala, Uganda — Aug 30, 2021

More of Us emerged from our experience as members of Arts Collaboratory, a translocal ecosystem of twenty-five organizations situated in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Netherlands. Is the attempt of More of Us to translate and expand the ethos of Arts Collaboratory to a wider audience, and aims to shift perspectives, deepen understanding, and inspire people toward collective action. More of Us focuses on art practices, processes of social change, and working with communities beyond the field of art. The network operates as an active ecosystem, where knowledge and strengths are brought together and harvested in processes of collective organization. For the Web Residency »Solidarity is a verb« More of Us shares an initiating  issue entitled »Solidarity


The members of More of Us are all part of Arts Collaboratory and also work in arts organizations or collectives within their own contexts. When not working on More of Us, they work at VANSA (Visual Arts Network South Africa), 32° East Ugandan Arts Trust, WAZA, Casa Tres Patios, and KUNCI Study Forum and Collective doing research, communications, programming, advocacy, and community building. And art making, too! More of Us is Syafiatudina from Yogyakarta/Indonesia, Carolina Campuzano from Medellín/Colombia, Lauren von Gogh from Johannesburg/South Africa, Erik Tlaseca from Mexico City/Mexico, Veronique Poverello from Lumbumbashi/Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rogelio Vazquez from Mexico City/Mexico, and Teesa Bahana from Kampala/Uganda.

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