Shortwave Collective: Transnational Feminist Solidarity via Radio

In May 2021, we, the Shortwave Collective, built »foxhole« radios using wire, razor blades, cardboard and safety pins, and attached these DIY devices to fences – hijacking these as our antennas to scan the radio spectrum. From Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, we tuned to cultural broadcasts as well as whistlers and sprites (Earth’s »natural radio«).

Shortwave Collective
Sasha Engelmann, Georgia Muenster, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Brigitte Hart, London, UK | Kate Donnovan / Berlin, Germany | Sally Applin / San Mateo, US | Alyssa Moxley / Domaize, France — Aug 30, 2021

Courtesy the Shortwave Collective.

This epitomizes our approach to solidarity: using found materials, analogue methodologies, and intersectional feminist principles, we experiment with the radio spectrum as an »invisible ocean« flowing through bodies and borders. In September, five members will meet for the first time at Buinho Creative Hub, Portugal for one week of in-person collaboration. We will synthesize expertise on foxhole radios into a »how-to guide« for Make Magazine. In a feminist mode, the guide will be inclusive, accessible, and will center the body in radio practices. We will also host a foxhole workshop for womxn, girls, and non-binary folks. As we have no funding for these activities, »Solidarity is a verb« will help us.


Shortwave Collective is an international feminist artist group established in May 2020, interested in the creative use of radio. We meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to amateur radio and the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources, considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. Shortwave Collective are: Alyssa Moxley, Brigitte Hart, Franchesca Casauay, Georgia Muenster, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Kate Donovan, Lisa Hall, Sally Applin, and Sasha Engelmann.

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