Castle of Crossed Destinies: When the Sonic Becomes Physical

Castle of Crossed Destinies is a transnational experiment in feminist solidarity using divinatory tools and creative techniques for collective knowledge making.

Castle of Crossed Destinies
Aouefa Amoussuvi / Berlin, Germany | Sasha Engelman / London, UK | Olivia Berkowicz / Göteborg, Sweden — Aug 30, 2021

Image credit: Castle of Crossed Destinies (Aouefa Amoussuvi, Sasha Engelmann, Olivia Berkowicz)

Over the past year, COCD took shape in a series of conversations between Amoussouvi, Berkowicz and Engelmann on the practices and histories of tarot reading, amateur radio and raw cacao. These modest devices and rituals became vehicles for untangling colonial processes, gendered notions of technology and transgenerational memory. COCD has been presented in three 1-hour sonic works hosted by the Institute of Endotic Research (TIER) and Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Castle of Crossed Destinies: When the sonic becomes physical proposes to employ the web residency to imagine how these three practices can come into physical presence and friction through a series of group encounters. A future public workshop would involve activities on tarot reading as tactical exercise for future dreaming, radio as medium for planetary collectivisation and raw cacao as speculative biochemical therapy. Through the web residency, COCD will test new formats and aim to reach diverse audiences while building solidarity through analog, digital and political methodologies.


The collective is named after writer Italo Calvino’s book The Castle of Crossed Destinies and was initiated as a 3-part sonic project by geographer Sasha Engelmann, curator Olivia Berkowicz and curator and biophysicist Aouefa Amoussouvi whilst being fellows at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2020-2021. The Castle of Crossed Destinies encounters merge rituals, technologies, feminist narratives in science and art, as well as personal experiences and reflections on transgenerational memories and migrations.

The Web Residency projects from the call »Solidarity is a verb« will be launched end of October 2021.

Castle of Crossed Destinies

Castle of Crossed Destinies

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