Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles / Berlin, Germany — Okt 20, 2017

Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles, NefertitiBot, »An AI Summer«, 2017

NefertitiBot is a chatbot which seeks to take over the power of interpretational sovereignty from administrative and curatorial museums structures. A bot through which material objects of other cultures in museums of the Global North will start speaking for themselves shaking off the violent and ugly colonial patina by deconstructing the fiction inherent in institutional narratives and challenging the politics of representation.

With the development of the Nefertiti AI & avatar (based on 3D data #Nefertitihack), the artists are asking unsettling questions about the state of humanity and discuss the agency of inanimate things and post humanism, challenging the way of seeing the world human-centric. When objects – of entangled and disputed collections – start speaking for themselves, and machines will transcend biases it might affect us in the marrow of our bones and reveal the darkness in our minds, and the unjust condition humankind created. Where machines not only will be super-intelligent but more human towards the world and all its inhabitants. It will be a transition from a failing human towards a new species. At the very moment, this future arrives their depiction and avatars will be already present, their voices will sound familiar to us.
The bot can be installed in museums as an installation alongside ancient artifacts and collections to push the audience towards critical awareness and as a voice of the subaltern, making stories of objects visible.
The artists work together with open source activists and their backend which can do NLP and goes beyond training data to realize the piece.

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