The internet is an interactive reality conjured through material networks of underwater cables and metaphoric connections in the cloud. In (RE)VERB SEA2SKY, we propose to animate the channels that make the internet imaginable and tangible, as elemental beings of and on the net interface that navigate diverse landscapes of techno-mediation through spiritual ecologies.

CosmiKnots / Visayas, Philippines & New York, USA — Nov 16, 2020

After two years on separate journeys, two friends of island origins – Li Hangin, deity of The Air, and LiDagat, deity of The Ocean – finally communicate to each other through a web portal. In weekly back and forth correspondence held in html/css, hyper/text, gif/jpg,mp4/mp3, Lihangin and Lidagat share epic stories of (pre-Covid) travels, guiding alongside their nomadic devotees (Frog & KK). Moving through festivals, pilgrimages, and ephemeral passages of space-time – from the Philippines, UK, India, Taiwan, Mongolia, China and New York – ritual traditions of Dongba Naxi, Mongolian shamanism, Visayan Catholicism, Sri Vijaya Tantra, Chinese folk religion and indigenous syncretism root their metaphysical understanding of more-than-human worlds. Told from the perspective of respective wind and ocean deities, geopolitical relationships between spirit worlds emerge as synchronous with and beyond nation-states. These plural territories become linked in Net Art letters, developing a digital language of intimacy for contemporary media, techno-rituals and (e)bodied knowledges, dancing at the speed of coded eros, late capitalism, and climate change.

CosmiKnots is a network envisioned by Frog and KK to engage embodied entanglements with diverse techno-ecologies. As Asian-American artists traveling between diaspora, their use of text, visual, performance and healing modalities translates roots and borders. Frog’s art practice is informed by studies as a shamanic apprentice and KK’s developed from anthropology, media studies and movement research. As CosmiKnots, they explore biomaterial expressions of spiritual ecologies mediated in the post-digital.

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