Re-Imagining In-Conversation: A New Poetics

The project A New Poetics by Hannan Jones and Shamica Ruddock for the web residency »Algorithmic Poetry.« explores the dynamics of hybridity and exchange, inviting the navigator to compose, gather, and listen. Inside an interactive soundscape visitors of their web project will be invited to trigger recordings co-created with collaborators. Jones and Ruddock are particularly interested in »cultural hybridity and techno-creolization,« and allowing for »potential for expanding a new poetics.«

Hannan Jones, Glasgow/Scotland, and Shamica Ruddock, London/UK — Jul 13, 2023

»We are invested in sounds potential to map histories, cultural hybridity, and techno-creolization. By developing contemporary sonic practices, we deepen and broaden our understanding of sonic vernaculars, traces, and migration and the state of flux, and create transformation. We particularly lean on our practice of improvisation to enable meaningful or consequential relationships between spheres.«

For the web residency Jones and Ruddock envision to co-creating a sonic collage with collaborators that they are in dialogue with, such as Edward George, Pat Thomas, Maggie Nicols, and Azza Zein. According to the artists, all of them »occupy unique positions within sound, offering the potential for expanding a new poetics as we find moments of similarities and differences to move between.«

Practically, it will be possible to play soundbites from each practitioner together as a cacophony, or to self-curate a sound landscape. Spoken passages, sounds, samples, and readings can be triggered and/or organized based on thematics or through each user’s intuition or interests, providing multiple possibilities for interconnectedness and composition.

This constellation communicates unexpected connections and meeting points across people, geography, knowledge, origins, and generations.

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