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Megan Snowe / New York, USA — Okt 24, 2016

Megan Snowe, »See Attachments«, cover, »SUPRAINFINIT: L’Avenir Redux«, 2016
Megan Snowe: »See Attachments«

What is attachment in a world, post-everything, of aching possibility?

Attachment will no longer imply singular connection.
Attachment will be a residue, a shadow or a sticky goo. An attachment will be a haunting, a mild obsession, a warmth on your palm left over from a loving clasp of an electronic.

An attachment will be weightless; an attachment will be an open relationship; an attachment will be a no-contract wireless plan. An attachment will be how water flows over stone, carving permanent paths with rapid grace. An attachment will be a mildly inappropriate familiarity between server and customer that gives both a bit of nice naughty wondering. An attachment will be an electronic elaboration on your body. An attachment will be a resonance.

In a series of poetic texts in the form of animated .gifs, I will explore what attachment could be beyond the rainbow of restraint. What is an attachment’s texture, substance, speed, rate of undulation? What is an attachment when we inhabit bodies in a suprainfinit? The attachment is an essential form of connection between material, immaterial and post-material that can transcend the infinite, event for an instant.

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