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Megan Snowe / New York, USA — Okt 24, 2016

Megan Snowe, »See Attachments«, cover, »SUPRAINFINIT: L’Avenir Redux«, 2016
Megan Snowe: »See Attachments«

What is attachment in a world, post-everything, of aching possibility?

Attachment will no longer imply singular connection.
Attachment will be a residue, a shadow or a sticky goo. An attachment will be a haunting, a mild obsession, a warmth on your palm left over from a loving clasp of an electronic.

An attachment will be weightless; an attachment will be an open relationship; an attachment will be a no-contract wireless plan. An attachment will be how water flows over stone, carving permanent paths with rapid grace. An attachment will be a mildly inappropriate familiarity between server and customer that gives both a bit of nice naughty wondering. An attachment will be an electronic elaboration on your body. An attachment will be a resonance.

In a series of poetic texts in the form of animated .gifs, I will explore what attachment could be beyond the rainbow of restraint. What is an attachment’s texture, substance, speed, rate of undulation? What is an attachment when we inhabit bodies in a suprainfinit? The attachment is an essential form of connection between material, immaterial and post-material that can transcend the infinite, event for an instant.

Megan Snowe

Megan Snowe works in a variety of mediums including installation, text, video, drawing and sound. Snowe has been driven by the question of how we understand, strategize and quantify our immaterial and emotional lived experiences. With a BA in Russian Studies & Studio Art from Oberlin College (2008) and an MFA in Time & Space Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2014) Snowe has exhibited throughout Europe, the US and online.

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