Nov 22, 2013


As accompanying program to the exhibition »Architecture & ...« the artist talk »Architecture & ... Long Distances« with Alan Worn (London/UK) and Joshua Edwards & Lynn Xu (Marfa/USA) will take place via Skype.

Date: Nov 22, 2013, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Nov 22, 2013

Architecture for Travelers is a collaborative project by Lynn Xu, Alan Worn, and Joshua Edwards, with contributions also from numerous friends and family members. Beginning as a conversation in Stuttgart about intersections of language and architecture, it evolved into a creative narrative that travels through mediums and forms, involving poetry, design, a 1000-kilometer walk, 240 photographs, a book, and an experiment in building en route to its culmination as a home and a residency cottage in Marfa, Texas. After its completion, the project will become a springboard for other ventures and collaborative projects.
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Pictures, texts and plans about Architecture for Travelers will be shown in the exhibition.