Nov 27, 2008 – Jan 11, 2009

Exhibitions: Javier Hinojosa, Iassen Markov, Jasmeen Patheja and Popok Tri Wahyudi

Date: Nov 27, 2008, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Nov 27, 2008 – Jan 11, 2009

Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude

Javier Hinojosa »Basiselemente – Basic Elements«

The project »Basic Elements« is based on the moment of working with concrete, in which the concrete is poured and the functionality of the basic elements (columns, beams and wall) is broken down. Javier Hinojosa directs his attention to the possibilities offered in this moment. He pays special attention to the characteristics of each of these objects to be able to transform itself to its outside circumstances. How capable is architecture of adjusting to another environment and to use and transform the indwelling objects? How do these changes affect the architectural space? And what effect do they have on its residents/users?

Javier Hinojosa (*1974 in Mexico City/Mexico) studied architecture and visual arts at the Academy of the Visual Arts »La Esmeralda« as well as photography and alternative media at the Centro de la Imagen, Mexico. His work has been exhibited in several galleries in Mexico, including Casa del Lago Museum, National Arts Center, Celda Contemporanea, San Ildefonso Museum, Experimental Museum El ECO, Art & Idea Mexico, X Teresa Museum, and internationally in Raid Projects L.A., Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, Ostrobothnian Museum Vassa Finland, Mexican Cultural Institute Paris, Harto Espacio Montevideo Uruguay, Art & Idea NY and Meet Factory in Prague.
In 2005/2006 he received a scholarship from FONCA. He is a 2008 fellow at the Akademie.

Iassen Markov »Markov Associati. Progetti Internazionali«

»You can’t invent a new architecture every Monday morning.«
Iassen Markov introduces its new architectural office: Markov Associati Progetti Internazionali. Installations, models and projections offer insight into the office’s »Progetti«, like, for example, the »Schatzhaus« in Moldavia, the vacation house on the Black Sea for Daniel Hundsdörfer, the Dead Island in the Danube Delta, and more.

Markov addresses the 2D-/3D issue and focuses on the topics of material, construction and proportion. At the opening, he reads portions from his ultimate almanac I love ±∞, which creates the theoretical framework for his Progetti. In conclusion, the first five printings of his almanac can be bid upon.

Iassen Markov (*1980 in Sofia/Bulgaria) studied architecture at Institute of Architectural Theory and Design (IGMA) of the University of Stuttgart. Since his graduation he has assisted at the IGMA and teaches at the Architectural Association, Graduate School of Architecture in London. Besides the project development at the New Financial Center in Sofia (2002), he also realized an office and residential building there in 2006. As co-publisher, he published 5 Codes – Architecture, Conspiracy and Risk in Times of Terror with Birkhäuser Verlag (2006). Iassen Markov is a 2007/2008 fellow at the Akademie.

Jasmeen Patheja »Moments of a Long Pause«

For her video installation, Jasmeen Patheja interviewed 100 men and 100 women on the streets of Calcutta, New Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana and Amritsar. She asked them about their understanding of the dualistic terms: persuasion vs. abuse, rejection vs. acceptance, defence vs. reaction and shame vs. blame. »Moments of a Long Pause« is part of Blank Noise, a public project based in India, which deals with public sexual harassment on the streets of India and Pakistan. Since 2003, Blank Noise has promoted discussion on the tabooing of sexual harassment, addresses the notion of modesty and calls the societal attitudes on these topics into question. The initiators encourage participation in the project on the blog

Jasmeen Patheja (*1979 in Kolkata/India) studied visual arts in Bangalore. She works as a freelance photographer and has a research fellowship at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology Bangalore. She is presently working on the exhibition Blank Noise 2 under the framework of a SARAI/CSDS fellowship, which consists of interventions in public space. Jasmeen Patheja is a 2007/2008 Solitude fellow.

Popok Tri Wahyudi »The Light House«

With an installation, Popok Tri Wahyudi presents his new comic book »The Light House«, a visual study on communication in a creative think tank. After the failure of a collective work process, Wahyudi explored the nature of interdisciplinary cooperation, and with cunning and humor, he started to find out more about the reasons for its success or failure.

Popok Tri Wahyudi (*1973 in Mojokerto, Ostjava/Indonesia) works as a freelance artist and designer. His work has been shown at various international exhibitions. Wahyudi was a Solitude fellow in 2007.

At the exhibition opening, cellist Séverine Ballon performs »adverb« by Gérard Buquet for a »singing cellist« and electronics.

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