July 14, 2023

Current and former Solitude fellows participate in »Der Sommer in Stuttgart« from July 20 to 23, 2023

Gestaltung: alisch berlec hönow

The festival Der Sommer in Stuttgart has been showcasing new music, music theater, performance and film from local artists, musicians and performers every July at various locations in Stuttgart since 2007. Viktoriia Vitrenko, Alexandra Filonenko, Jasmin Schädler, Neil Luck and Rachel C. Walker will be participating in the musical summer festival’s varied program.

Vox ex nihilo

With Viktoriia Vitrenko (artistic direction and singing), Alexandra Filonenko (composition), and Jasmin Schädler (direction, libretto), among others.

The inclusive music, dance and theater piece Vox ex nihilo explores the meaning of voice from social, political, and cultural perspectives.

When: Thursday, July 20, 7 pm
Where: Theaterhaus Stuttgart (T2)

Chamber concert

With compositions by Neil Luck and Rachel C. Walker (world premieres) among others

For Five English Folk Songs, Neil Luck and Mimi Doulton explored magical forms of non-human communication among flora, fauna, gods, the dead and the quasi-dead. Stefan Litwin concludes the program with the story of a great Latin American silver mine. Framed by these two image-rich solo pieces, four chamber works unfold with the ever-curious Ensemble Ascolta.

When: Friday, July 21, 8 pm
Where: Theaterhaus Stuttgart (T3)

Die neue Renaissance 2.0

With Viktoriia Vitrenko (performance and artistic director)

The increasing presence of digital technologies in our everyday lives is not only changing our perception of the world, but also »our genetic code, challenging us to redefine our role as biological individuals, our identity and our interpersonal communication«–so the thesis of Mixed Sound Personnel.

Combining contemporary music with poetry, scientific texts, video art and generative video mapping, the music theater performance revolves around the transhumanism-influenced question of what defines us as human beings today.

When: Sunday, July 23, 8 pm
Where: St. Maria, Tübinger Str. 36, Stuttgart

All other events of Der Sommer in Stuttgart  as well as information on how to purchase tickets can be found at: www.sommer-in-stuttgart.de.
Vox ex nihilo and Die neue Renaissance 2.0 will take place on additional days besides the festival. Details via InterAKT Initiative e.V.