Jan 16, 2024

Debut novel by Kuzey Topuz to be released by Dagyeli Verlag

The author and the book cover of her novel »Der Freund«

This spring, the novel Der Freund by former Solitude fellow Kuzey Topuz (as part of the program »Be Mobile – Create Together!«, 2020) will be published by Dagyeli Verlag. The exact publication date will be announced shortly, pre-orders can already be placed.

»There is a smell of acetone in the air: two young women with a secret in search of a missing storyteller, seducer, manipulator. The debut novel (2022) by Kuzey Topuz from Leipzig is a maze full of damaged existences, hero worship, psychological violence and toxic masculinity. Kuzey Topuz has previously published short stories and poems in various literary magazines.«

Translated from the Turkish by Johannes Neuner
104 pages. Hardcover. 20,00 EUR
ISBN 978-3-910948-03-7


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