Dez 15, 2023

New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

The six new projects of the 19th Web Residency call as well as accompanying interviews with the artists can be accessed on our website in the section Web Residencies.

How may sound poetically speak with algorithms? What are the limits of creativity when it comes to machine learning? Should algorithms become »noisy« to make room for the unexpected? These and other questions kicked off the 19th Web Residency entitled »Algorithmic Poetry.«.

Created within the last months, the six works presented here engage critically, poetically, and playfully with sound and our everyday data-driven world. By using sound, listening, and/or recording practices the works expand the notion of algorithms and the ways in which data sets are managed and information is gathered. Echoing technological implementation, experimentation with »slippages«, »in-betweens«, »negative spaces«, »crafting and glitching«, as well as »embodiment of words« is the through-line of the works.

Graphic design by Anne Lippert and cxxyyl

Design: Stephan Thiel

Moritz Nahold and Kenneth Constance Loe
Ghost in the Cog: A Poetic Score
A sound artist and a writer and performer challenge the concept of a straightforward algorithm by blurring the boundaries between input and output. The final website invites users to activate a poem as a score by reading and playing it with no clear set of rules, and get lost in sound and webspace.

Akademie Schloss Solitude - New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

Akademie Schloss Solitude - New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

Bola Chinelo
Sound is the [REDACTED] of the World
A bone flute, a stone, a car horn, cicadas, and Nsibidi pictograms: Bola Chinelo created a visual and sonic animation, exploring »unwanted sounds«, »natural algorithms«, »noise«, and »emptiness«. The multilayered project takes up the idea that algorithms as subjects to glitches, misinterpretations, or uncertainties can make room for the unexpected.

This webpage composition explores how locality, environmental listening, engagement with a particular plant from Naarm (Melbourne), mapping the flow of data and information streams, and critical/creative coding are important categories in which resistance to colonial power might take shape.

Akademie Schloss Solitude - New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

Akademie Schloss Solitude - New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

Sherese Francis
ALTeks: NGLitcholalia. Sound as Search Engine
Artist and poet Sherese Francis has created six broadcasts that think about knowledge-making in the  context of Black and Afro-diasporic poetics, languages, and sounds. Speaking in tongues, the roots of words and their constant migration, and dub music are only a few of the ideas she has been playing with in the series, where each show is a poetic essay.

Fileona Dkar
Of Roots and Portals: With-nessing
Indigenous Khasi artist Fileona Dkhar created a work that explores different media of correspondence and communication: The acts of writing letters, exchanging cassette tapes, tapping into oral traditions and myths, incorporating sprinklings of algorithmic imagery or fractal image generation, and prompts become tools for world-building and connecting with pasts and futures.

Akademie Schloss Solitude - New Web Residency projects »Algorithmic Poetry.« are online

Shamica Ruddock and Hannan Jones
Re-Imagining In-Conversation: A New Poetics
The artist invite you to a sonic space with mutable elements, allowing the user to create soundscapes to coexist within an almost endless aural possibility and multiplicity. The website itself rejects »a static position or a universal narrative«, acknowledging the multiplicity in relation to identities.

Web Residencies by Akademie Schloss Solitude were initiated in 2016 to support talents from the international digital art scene. For the 19th call for web residencies, Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Digital Solitude program collaborated closely with Liquid Architecture.