Nov 22, 2019

»On Exile« of José Carlos Teixeira (fellow 2008/09) received several prizes at »The Artist Forum Festival of the Moving Image« in New York

We are happy for the former Solitude-fellow José Carlos Teixeira, whose video-essay On Exile, 2017 received the prize as Best Documentary Short and the Jurors Award 2019 at The Artist Forum Festival of the Moving Image (#affestnyc) in New York.

This filmfestival has been taking place annually since 2016 in New York City and is organized by The Artist’s Forum. The competition provides a platform for innovative filmmakers, to publicly acknowledge their works and to gain exposure in New York City’s arts and media market. Presented films of the New York’s artists were awarded by an international jury.

The documentary film On Exile of José Carlos Teixeira investigates experiences of refugees, expanding on issues of migration, through interviews with refugees from Syria and Somalia, who now live in the USA. This video-essay allows individuals to tell their experience free of any judgments, to archive them, and to make them accessible to others. Teixeria asks how to represent difficult experiences without patronizing or speaking on other’s behalf.

José Carlos Teixeira, born 1977 in Portugal, he lives, works and teaches in the United States, where he completed his MA at University of California (UCLA) back in 2006. His work has been exhibited internationally in venues such as Museum of the City of New York/USA, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart/Germany, Hélio Oiticica Art Center, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, to name a few.

Teixeira is represented in several art collections, and he has been the recipient of a Fulbright Grant, SMHAF Experimental Award, and the EDP New Artists Prize nomination, among others.

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