Mar 10, 2017

Performance »Prisma Interims« with Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks at Hospitalkirche Stuttgart

On Friday, March 10, 2017, Catherine Lambs and Bryan Eubanks will perform the piece Prisma Interims at Hospitalkirche Stuttgart.

Prisma Interims is an ongoing piece with various instrumentations (including voices) alongside the »secondary rainbow synthesizer«, an instrument being developed with Bryan Eubanks which filters the surrounding listening environment into tonal material.
Musicians who have participated so far have been Gwen Rouger, Bryan Eubanks, Rebecca Lane, and Andrew Lafkas.

With Catherine Lamb (composer/synthesizer/voice) and Bryan Eubanks (voice/quinton).

A cooperation of Akademie Schloss Solitude and Hospitalkirche Stuttgart.

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