Dez 15, 2021

Web Residencies projects »Solidarity is a verb« are online

The projects of the 16th Web Residencies Call as well as accompanying interviews with the artists have been published on our Online Space.

Call for the Web Residency »Solidarity is a verb«, 2021. Graphic design by Anne Lippert and Stephan Thiel

Graphic design by Anne Lippert and Stephan Thiel

What moves people to network globally off- and online and to stand together for a cause? We are happy to announce that projects and accompanying interviews from the Web Residency »Solidarity is a verb« are online now!

Solidarity as a concept, whose foundation is based on like-mindedness, in the sense of reciprocity, responsibility, the recognition of common interests, and an active engagement in reaching common interests is currently again very present and palpable between numerous translocal and local (artist) communities. The 16th call for Web Residencies asked for projects that activate, test, question, historicize, and reconfigure the notion of solidarity in analogue and digital form.

The project Swarm by Distributed Cognition Cooperative is a (plat)form of care built to help marginalized artists, researchers, and other practitioners develop their CV, portfolio, or write a funding application.

The first thematic online edition entitled Solidarity by More of Us is a digital platform set as a communal meeting point and site for exchange for members of different organizations situated in the Global South.

The card game developed in When the Sonic Becomes Physical by Castle of Crossed Destinies that introduces three technologies of tarot reading, DIY pirate radio, and raw cacao, in the form of tarot cards, and applies guiding principles and key textures for practicing techno-feminist visions.

The hypertext/archival work 23 August by Simina Neagu revisits the 4th World Festival of Youth and Students – a festival dedicated to anticolonial struggles that took place in Bucharest in 1953.

In her project Commons Kitchen Elia Nurvista focuses on reflection, discussion, building discursive strategy, and strengthening the solidarity among people who live in precarious conditions.

Moving between political agendas and sharing personal stories, Simona&Ramona (a.k.a. Claude&Dersch) address precarious working conditions such as temporary work or zero hours contracts in Sweden and beyond with their project A Zero Hours Worker.

All projects were realized in the context of the 16th Web Residency by Solitude and ARC Bucharest »Solidarity is a verb«, curated by Anca Rujoiu. Visit our Online Space to explore the latest projects from the Digital Solitude program.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their contribution: Anca Rujoiu, Radu Lesevschi, Elia Nurvista, Carolina Campuzano, Erik Tlaseca, and Rogelio Vazquez, and Teesa Bahana from More of Us, Aouefa Amoussuvi, Sasha Engelman, and Olivia Berkowicz from Castle of Crossed Destinies, Simona Dumitriu and Ramona Dima, Simina Neagu, Anna Engelhardt and Sasha Shestakova from Distributed Cognition Cooperative, Sven Dämmrig (paramon), Stephan Thiel and Anne Lippert.