Ana Fradique

City, Country:

Helsinki, Finland


2013, 2014, 2015


Jan 2015 - June 2015

Ana Fradique was born in 1984 in Sintra, and raised in a village almost at the end of the world, in Portugal. She is today’s depressed princess of the Precariat, an artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Here she has graduated from Environmental Art Master Program of Aalto University, year 2011. Previously in 2008 she has concluded the Licentiate’s degree in Painting at Fine Arts Faculty of University of Lisbon, with a specialisation in Audio-visuals. Currently working her heart off as an artist and researcher at Future Art Base (Aalto University, Helsinki), she has been contributing mainly to Kafkamachine film project and Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative, among other works which aim is to find new modes of organization, to invent tools for the coming forms of cooperation and exchange. But Ana often pays to do her work, while babysitting has turned out to be a well-waged and happy hobby. She suffers from a nomadic disorder that compels her to constantly move from a region to another (has no kids), with special interest on the routes between the Northern Pole and Tropical Africa, as well as her singular middle passage, with all the magnetic fields pushing her on boats to Brazil – the conflictual desire of a future trade. She does not like exhibitions but has participated in numerous – all over. She even hooked some bigger brains and made it to perform at dOCUMENTA13. During 2013 Ana Fradique will be dedicating herself to events such as the Media Facades inter-cities media art festival, and learning how to perfectly play tennis.

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