Anne Habermehl


Cooperation Fellowship

City, Country:

Berlin, Germany




May 2014 - July 2014

Born 1981 in Heilbronn/Germany.

Anne Habermehl studied from 2004 to 2008 dramatic writing at the University of Arts in Berlin/Germany. Her plays had been performed at Thalia Theater in Hamburg/Germany, at Bayrisches Staatsschauspiel in Munich/Germany and at the Schauspielhaus Wien.

In 2008 she participated in the dramatist workshop of the Theatertreff Berlin and awardee of the Werkauftrag.  Her play Letztes Territorium was invited to the Autorentheatertage in Hamburg in 2008 and to the »Radikal jung« festival in 2009. Her texts, which have been published in Rowohlt Theater Verlag, include Die Geschichte spielt nicht ohne uns, Puppi (with Juliane Kann and Tina Müller) premiere at the  Gera theater, 2006; Ozonkinder (one-act) premiere at Schauspielhaus Bochum, 2008; Narbengelände (also directed by Anne Habermehl), premiere at Theater Gera/Altenburg in 2010, it was invited to the Autorentheatertagen 2011 at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, as well as Luft aus Stein (plus direction), premiere at the Schauspielhaus in Vienna/Austria in 2013. The Play Letztes Territorium (premiere in 2008, Thalia Theater in Hamburg) performed in 2009 in Santiago de Chile/Chile and Buenos Aires/Argentina, in 2010 at theater Konstanz/Germany, 2011 at Landestheater Tübingen and in Alexandria/Egypt. Part of her own work are Der höchste Berg der Welt, a text performance together with Juliane Kann and Anne Haug at Theaterdiscounter in 2006, Unruhig ist unser Herz with Anne Haug, Theresa Henning and Alexandra Wilke in 2008, a work that has been invited to Bobigny near Paris/France and the theater in Magdeburg/Germany, amongst others.

Anne Habermehl received scholarships from the Autorenlabor of the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and from Obrador d’Estiu Sala Beckett in Barcelona/Spain.

Anne Habermehl is a fellow in cooperation with Schauspiel Stuttgart (Staatstheater Stuttgart).