Catherine Macadré

City, Country:

Nancy, France


2005, 2006, 2007

Catherine Macadré has a doctorate in economic sciences from the University of Nancy 2. Her research focus is on information systems, from descriptive statistics to data analysis and competitive economic intelligence.

She is currently working on research related to the economic and social situation in the North/East region of France.

As an associate professor in the Information Systems Department of the International Business School in Nancy she teaches statistics, data analysis, and international economics. She has recently negotiated research contracts with public and semi-public institutions in France, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Saarland.

As part of the Master’s program in Industrial Re-conversion at the École des Mines, Nancy, Catherine Macadré teaches to corporate managers and public officials in China.

Catherine Macadré is a guest of the exchange program with the ICN Business School in Nancy.