Dan Boehl

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Austin, TX, United States


2013, 2014, 2015


Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Born 1977 in Baltimore, MD/USA.

Dan Boehl graduated in English at Roanoke College in Salem, VA/USA in 2000 and afterwards studied Poetry at Emerson College in Boston, MA/USA, where he received his master’s degree in 2005. He worked at several museums from 2001–2008 and is currently a Development Specialist at the University of Texas in Austin, TX/USA.

Since 2009, he has been a founding editor of the independent poetry press Birds LLC where he also published his book The Kings of the F**king Sea in 2011. Furthermore, he published Les Miseres et les Mal-Heurs de la Guerre (2010), Work (2007) and was the editor of The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (2013). He also writes for the art journals …Might Be Good and Art Lies.

Dan Boehl was awarded the CLMP Face Out Marketing Grant in 2012 and the James Merril Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in 2013.