Donghee Koo

Field of Practice:

Visual Arts

City, Country:

Kyunggido, South Korea


2003, 2004, 2005


Sept 2003 - Aug 2004

Born 1974 in Seoul.

Bachelor in Fine Art at Hong-Ik University, Seoul. Master at School of Art, Yale University. Taught at Hong-Ik University and Yale University.

Selected exhibitions: “Macaroni Western” (Hyundai Department Store, Seoul, 1997), “Exposition de Tetes Nouvelles” (Seoul, 1998), “MFA Thesis Exhibition” (Yale University, 2000), “Emerging” (Ssamzie Space Gallery, Seoul, 2002), “Puddles” (reportage exhibition/art research programm, Tokyo, 2002).

Susan H. Whedon Award (Yale University, 2000), Artist in Residence Grant at Ssamzie Art Center, Seoul (2002).

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