Eckhard Rhode

Field of Practice:

Music / Sound

City, Country:

Hamburg, Germany


1990, 1991


Jan 2000 - Mar 2000

Born 1959.

Founded the group „Setzen – Gegensetzen“ in 1987 with Peter Fjodoroff – expanded to a trio as of 1991 with Hans Thalgott. Co-founded the restaurant „Gaststätte Marienhof“ in 1990 with Astrid Wettstein and Hans Thalgott in Hamburg.

Selected publications: „Gegenteilen“ (1987), „Textstücke“ (1994-bobeobi-lautpoesie CD), „Eckhard Rhode liest Textstücke und Texte“ (CD, 1998). Selected radio plays: „Der Windhund“ (NDR/SWF – 1983) and „Die Drehtür“ (SWF – 1987).

Numerous performances, among others at the Kunstverein Vienna and at the ‘international festival of poesie sonore’, Berlin.

1985 Südwestfunk scholarship prize. 1989 literary scholarship from the city of Hamburg.