Fei Liu

Field of Practice:

Web, Web-based Media


City, Country:

New York, United States




Apr 2017 - June 2017

Born 1986 in Harbin/China.

Fei Liu is a Chinese-born designer and artist working in New York, NY/USA. She is a 2016–17 member of the New Museum’s art, design, and technology incubator, NEW INC; and a 2016 Fellow at IdeasCity Athens, Greece. Fei Liu completed an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design in 2014, and an undergraduate degree from UCLA’s Design Media Arts in 2008.

Fei Liu uses storytelling and critical making to redefine the relationship between human agency and algorithmic systems. Her work includes CCPM, an energy harvesting keyboard made from homegrown piezoelectric crystals; TotoKnows, a browser plugin that displays political affiliations of companies leveraging data from browser traffic (winning first prize at Ghostery’s Hack the Tracker’s hackathon in 2013); and The Qualified Self, a dystopian quantified-self exercise game and installation (exhibited at various game festivals in 2014). Recent projects in 2016 include Humans of Simulated New York, a participative agent-based simulation built to speculate alternative economies (completed as a researcher in residence at DRBS Innovation Lab New York); and brood, an open-source simulation toolset and framework that makes complex systems thinking and the creation of speculative and critical simulations of the world more accessible. She currently curates a podcast and music show at Bel-Air, an artist-run online radio station in Bushwick, NY/USA, where she interviews active artists in the New York community.

Fei Liu has been a lecturer and instructor at Parsons School of Design, Art Center, and The Central Art Academy in Beijing/China, where she taught intensive design courses to students and faculty alike. She has exhibited and presented her work at SXSW, NYC MakerFaire, Come out and Play Dumbo, NYU DemoDays, Creative Tech Week, Parsons MFADT Thesis Show, The Science Gallery in Dublin/Irland, UCLA Wight Gallery, Synchronicity Space LA, Five Thirty Three Gallery LA, and University of California Davis.