Ingo Ahmels

Field of Practice:

Music / Sound

City, Country:

Bremen, Germany


1990, 1991


Apr 1991 - May 1991


Webseite von Dacapo

Born 1959 in Hamburg/Germany.

Ingo Ahmels is a writer, visula artist, composer and msuic manager. Since 1980 he has published widely as an editor and author, including books, CDs, films and catalogs.

He studied with Bernhard Wambach, Stefan Möller, Jens-Peter Ostendorf, Walter Norris, Manfred Schoof (music), Herbert Henck, Heinz Lemmermann and Klaus-Hinrich Stahmer (science). He is also educated as a high school teacher for German and music.

In 1985 Ahmels initiated the ongoing concert series :dacapo: für zeitgenössische Musik in the widest sense (including new music, new jazz, non-European music, and in the future works by [also non-European] classical traditions) with over 500 events until 2001.

He is the founder of the audio-visual :dacapo: archive and has collaborated with approx. 2000 musicians, artists and scientists. As a jazz musician he was a fellow of the GEMA Foundation.
Since 1995 Ahmels has worked as Hans Otte’s artistic assistent for his sound installations. Ahmels wrote his disseration on Hans Otte at the University of Bremen. As a text author he has written for the Mike Svoboda Ensemble, among others.

His own main works include: multimedia opera Pegasos, Pegasos-Monument, sound sculpture/stage object Bitch on wheels and the cross media music theater Gone West (with Lou Simard).