Karen Duve

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Hamburg, Germany


1997, 1998


Mar 1997 - Aug 1997

Born in Hamburg, 1961.

After graduating from school, she took on odd jobs and worked as a taxi driver. At present, she works as a corrector at a Hamburg publishing house.

In 1995, her story Im tiefen Schnee ein stilles Heim was published by Achilla Presse, Hamburg/Bremen.

Her works have been published on the radio and in literary and other magazines as well as in anthologies, most recently in “Slam Poetry”, edited by A. Neumeister (Rowohlt).

In 1994, she was a prize winner at the open mike/literatur WERK statt Berlin, in 1995 she was awarded the 3rd prize in the Bettina von Arnim literary competition. 2. Gratwanderpreis (Playboy 1996)

Further publications (selection): Das Lexikon berühmter Tiere, mit Co-Autor Thies Völker (Eichborn, 1997); Bruno Orso fliegt ins Weltall, ein Comic-Buch in Zusammenarbeit mit Judith Zaugg (Edition Solitude 1997); Regenroman (Eichborn, 1999); Lexikon berühmter Pflanzen, mit Co-Autor Thies Völker (Eichborn, 1999); Keine Ahnung (suhrkamptb, 1999).

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