Katrin Wolf

City, Country:

Berlin, Germany


2013, 2014, 2015


Oct 2013 - Dez 2013

Katrin Wolf studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and received two diplomas, one in digital media design and one in social communications. She went on to study mobile computing at the University of Applied Science (HTW) in Berlin. Currently Katrin Wolf is a Ph.D. student at the Telekom Innovation Laboratories, affiliated to TU Berlin, and her research focuses on Human Computer Interaction. In particular, she is investigating ergonomic busy-hand interfaces and is supervised by Sebastian Möller (T-Labs Berlin), Joachim Sauter (UdK Berlin), and Michael Rohs (University of Hannover). Katrin Wolf explores the potential and limits of microgestures that are executed with the grasping hand, by conducting user studies with interactive prototypes; her research motivation is to understand human abilities and skills and to transfer this understanding to ergonomic interface design for on-the-go, busy-hand, and ubiquitous computing scenarios.

During her Ph.D., Katrin was an intern at Glasgow University with Stephen Brewster as well as an Industry Trainee at CSIRO Australia for four months in 2011, supervised by Christian Müller-Tomfelde. Before starting her Ph.D. she lived in New Zealand for six months, where she did an internship at HITLab NZ and worked with Mark Billinghurst. Katrin has been working as new media designer for the Jewish Museum Berlin, and thus has an interdisciplinary background in media and interface design as well as in the research of human-computer interaction.

Katrin Wolf is a fellow in cooperation with Hybrid Plattform in Berlin.