Klaus Fehling

Field of Practice:

Performing Arts

City, Country:

Köln, Germany


2002, 2003


Jan 2002 - Mar 2002



Born 1969 in Cologne.

He lives and works in Cologne as a writer, journalist and dramaturge. In addition to writing theater plays, Klaus Fehling has written books and essays on various topics. In 2004 he received a writers fellowship from the Stuttgart Wirtschaftsclub in the Literaturhaus, which he used to complete a book on Swabian entrepreneurs (titled “Alle Türen offen”). He is also a member of the Schlager (Folk) punk bands Die Blonden Burschen and WOMBATEISA as a singer and guitar player.

Theater plays and text collages (selection):

“Risiken und Nebenwirkungen”, Premiere: Osnabrück 2008, directed by Marcel Keller.

“Nicht mein Bein”, radio play produced by the WDR, 2007.

“Sigrids Risiken – Über die nicht darüber reden” – Monolog einer Tochter der “Vergessenen Generation”. Premiere: Cologne 2006, directed by Stefan H. Kraft

“Der Duft, das Geld und die Stadt” – Die Geschichte einer Unternehmerfamilie am Rand des Rheinischen Kapitalismus. Text: Klaus Fehling and Ensemble Futur3. Premiere: Cologne, 2006 (Futur3 and Bühnen der Stadt Köln)

Knocking signs. Beacon. Smoke signals. – a mechanical puppet theater. A collaborative production with Marcel Keller and Uli Winters, Trondheim (Norway), October 2005.

GERICHTET in der Stadt – a theater play for the series Citybeats Vol. 2 commissioned by Futur3. Premiere in September 2005 in Cologne. Directed by Marcel Keller.

“Was wird mit Gott wenn ich tot bin?!” – A play on the Schreber case by evoe:performing:artists, premiere in April 2005, Forum-Freies-Theater Düsseldorf. Directed by André Erlen.

“Schöne Aussichten! Gespräche aus dem Bauch” a theater production by Evelyn Arndt for adolescents. Premiere in February 2005, Forum-Freies-Theater Düsseldorf. Directed by Susanna Enk.

“Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale.” – A theater sketch on the difficulty of expressing oneself. Premiere on December 11, 2003, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Directed by Marcel Keller.

‘light’, a multimedia performance/installation after the play ‘Lampyriden’, premiere in February 2003 in Berlin (directed by Max Schumacher), Groß Leuthen in July 2003, Trento in October 2003, Belgrade in April 2004, Bonn (Biennale 2004), Bangkok (Fringe Festival 2004), Bremen (HörZu: Zeichen & Wunder Festival, February 2005); Tokyo (November 2005; directed by Hiroko Tanahashi).

‘The Last Circus’, a multimedia performance by Hiroko Tanahashi, Parsons School of Design, New York City, June 2002 and Berlin, November 2002

‘The Real Forensic’, a posttheater performance, Berlin, Cologne, and “The Real Forensic Overseas” New York, Singapore, as of summer 2000, directed by Max Schumacher.

‘Die unendliche Bibliothek’, a text collage after Jorge Luis Borges, Stuttgart 1996 (directed by Michael Staab), Siegen 2000 (directed by Anastasija Nimmer)