Malaka Dewapriya

Field of Practice:

Video / Film / New Media

City, Country:

Colombo, Sri Lanka


2007, 2008, 2009


Oct 2007 - June 2008

Born 1978 in Colombo/Sri Lanka.

Malaka Dewapriya studied history and international relations at the University of Colombo, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2005.

He creates experimental and fictional short films, writes, acts and directs for theater, documentaries, radio, and television. Malaka Dewapriya also works as a writer and editor for various Srilankan newspapers and magazines.

His work has been selected for several international film festivals. Malaka Dewapriya created six short films: »Transference,« best silver award at the Mumbai International FICT Film Festival Mumbai, selected for the Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival, the Karachi International Film Festival (all 2006), the Indian Cine Film Festival and for the Jahangirabad Media Institute Barabanki in India (both 2007); »Life Circle,« selected for the 10th Tel Aviv International Film Festival, the Cinestud Film Festival/Netherlands (both 2005), and the Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival/Talent Campus, India (2006); »Anxiety« (1998), »Penetrate,« selected for the Ibdaa Awards 2001, and »Exchange,« selected for the Short Shorts Film Festival Japan (2004) and the Chemara Digital Film Awards Festival USA (2005).

Selected plays and exhibitions: »Forgiveness,« children’s short play (1991), »Bandana,« short play (1993), »Volcano,« short play (1994), »Punish,« short play (1995), »One for the road« and »New World Order« by Harold Pinter (2003 and 2004); »Oasis of Silence,« group photography exhibition at the Goethe Institute, Colombo (2007); Imagine Tropics,« photography exhibition at the Goethe Institute Colombo (2006); »Magical Festival,« radio drama, Buenos Aires (2007); »Off with His Head,« original radio drama collection, published in Colombo (2006).