Mamak Azarmgin

Field of Practice:

Visual Arts

City, Country:

Teheran, Iran


2005, 2006, 2007


Apr 2007 - Nov 2007

Born 1968 in Teheran.

Studied photography (completion 1990 as a commercial degree) as well as illustration and painting (completion 1992 as a commercial degree) in Teheran. She received a license from the crafts industry in 1997.

For twelve years she worked in the field of illustrated books as well as an illustrator and painter of decorative objects.

Selected exhibitions: 6. and 7. Exhibition of Miniatures in Sweden (2001, 2002), numerous Koran exhibitions in Teheran, “Iranische Kunst” (“Iranian Art”, Berlin, 2004) and “Zeitgenössische Iranische Graphik” (“Contemporary Iranian Graphics”, Dortmund, 2004).

She received the first prize at the International Koran Exhibition (Teheran, 2000) and an honorary diploma at the 6. and 7. Exhibition of Miniatures in Sweden (2001, 2002).