María Salgado


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Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

Born 1984 in Madrid/Spain.

María Salgado is a poet and researcher based in Madrid, where she works as a poetry teacher and free-lance writer. She received her Ph.D. in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in December 2014, with a dissertation about Spanish experimental and innovative poetry since 1964. During her Ph.D., she had two research stays as a visitor scholar at the Romance Language Department of The Graduate Center of CUNY (New York, NY/USA) and at the English Department of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA/USA).

She works with language as the material of texts, audiotexts and performances. She is member and co-founder of the independent research seminar on Language and Crisis Seminario Euraca. Seminario Euraca, which works as a reception device for poetry and poetic texts, and poets coming from America Latina and the USA to Madrid, released the first issue of its online magazine L/E/N/G/U/A/J/E/o in September 2017.

María Salgado has published four books of poetry in Spain and has performed in Argentina (2017), Finland (2017, 2014), United States (2014), Mexico and Peru (2012). She works with the contemporary music composer Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca in the search of how to put language sounds and music sounds on stage so that they can be wholly listened and seen, calling this interdisciplinary product audio-text. Their last show, Hacía un ruido, was presented at the National Theater Valle Inclán in June 2015 after touring several non-conventional underground spaces and Contemporary Art public institutions of Spain. Their new project, called Jinete Último Reino, deals with the relations between disobedience and queerness. In August 2016, she intervened Playa de la Concha’s public address system with a site-specific audiotext, invited by Mikel R. Nieto and José Luis Espejo for their public art sound program El Observatorio de la escucha (Donostia, San Sebastián/Spain 2016). The thirteen audio files that were broadcasted every day between August 1 and 13 have now been released as a CD, shared with the artist Ixiar Rozas.

María Salgado received a predoctoral FPU fellowship from Spanish Ministry of Education and a grant from Centro de Estudios de América Latina/BSCH to study the last semester of her BA in Spanish Philology at Universidad de Buenos Aires/Argentina.

María Salgado is a cooperation fellow with Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.