Milica Ivic


Eastern European Network

City, Country:

Belgrade, Serbia


2017, 2018, 2019


Oct 2017 - Dez 2017

Born 1981 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Milica Ivić is an art theoretician. She graduated in 2008 from the department of general literature and theory of literature at the philological faculty of the University of Belgrade, where she also completed her master studies in 2010. In 2011, she started interdisciplinary doctoral studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade and finished it in October 2016 with the doctoral thesis Principles of Communality and Collaboration in the Contemporary Theories of Artistic Production, her mentor was professor Miško Šuvaković. She collaborates in formal and informal projects concerning the local scene of performing arts in Serbia. She writes and translates texts in the field of contemporary art theory. 

With the artist and choreographer Igor Koruga, she has been participating for the last two years in the project Archiving Contemporary Dance, in collaboration with the Nomad Dance Academy. As a result of this process so far, the special issue of the magazine Maska Autonomy to Dance. Case Studies of Contemporary Dance Practices in Former Yugoslavia, will be published in October 2017 (Koruga, Ivić, Archiving the Contemporary Art of Dance in Serbia. Issues with Institutionalization, or On Betraying the »Independence« of the Local Dance Scene).

She is also inevitably connected with the world of the most informal, non aligned art practices. Her artistic work and general orientation in the world have been mostly connected to the art collective Mubareć ever since 2007. As a logical and chronological consequence of that fact, she is one of the founders and program editors of the Autonomous Cultural Center Matrijaršija in Zemun. She is one of the organizers and program editors of the Novo Doba festival, and a member of the creative-distributional network Fijuk.