Sarah Owens

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Augsburg, Germany


2007, 2008, 2009


Apr 2009 - Apr 2009

Born in 1977 in Heidelberg/Germany.

She studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg until 2001 and history of design at the Royal College of Art in London until 2006. From 2001 to 2004 she worked as corporate and editorial designer and was research assistant at the Royal College of Art between 2005 and 2006. Currently, she lectures at the Kent Institute of Arts, Rochester; Victoria and Albert Museum, London and at the Metropolitan University, London.

Furthermore Owens is member of different design organizations such as the Design Research Society, Design History Society, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und –forschung and the Society of Independent Publishers.

Recent publications and work: »Copy Magazine«, Colophon International Magazine Symposium, Luxemburg (2007); »Electrifying the Alphabet«, Eye Magazine No. 62, (2006); »Create your own fanzine«, workshop and undercover Surrealism exhibition, Hayward Gallery, London (2006); »The Evolution of Type«, Design History Society Conference, Delft (2006); »Electronic Typography«, 14th Symposium on the Decorative Arts and Design, Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design, New York (2006).