Sebastian Schmieg

Field of Practice:

Digital Journalism, Web, Web Design, Web Development


City, Country:

Berlin, Germany


Feb 2017 - Apr 2017

Born 1983 in Berlin/Germany.

Sebastian Schmieg lives and works in Berlin/Germany. He examines the ways networked technologies shape online and offline realities, in artworks that range from shredded hard-drives from a Google datacenter to crowd-sourced versions of popular self-help books using Amazon’s Kindle. His output encompasses websites, interface performances, algorithmic videos, online interventions, print-on-demand books or neural networks. Sebastian Schmieg focuses on a critical engagement with the manifold and ubiquitous nodes of the Internet – both human and technological – as sites of the political.

Previously, his work has been exhibited at Transmediale, Berlin/Germany; Art Center Nabi, Seoul/South Korea; Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY/USA; and Impakt Festival, Utrecht/Netherlands.