Taietzel Ticalos

Field of Practice:

Web, Web-based Media


City, Country:

Bucharest, Romania




Feb 2017 - June 2017

Born 1986 in Craiova/Romania.

Taietzel Ticalos is a visual artist based in Bucharest/Romania. Her artistic practice investigates the transmutation of reality into the virtual space and contemplates the development of digital narrations. She focuses on sexual objectification, social media as consumer media, digital performance and digital reenactment.

Through NewHive platform her works were displayed at Superchief Gallery in New York, NY/USA, at Goethe Institute in San Francisco, CA/USA, and at Print Screen Festival in Israel. In Bucharest, her work was exhibited in group shows at Suprainfinit Gallery, Musette Kube and ArtHalle.

Since 2014 she curates the mobile group Nucleu 0000, a flexible collective of young Romanian artists, with Gabriela Mateescu.